2018 Board of Director Voting

This vote is for the 2018 Steel Cities Region Board of Directors. There are 9 candidates for 6 available positions and you may vote for up to a maximum of 6 candidates.

The six candidates who receive the most votes will fill the positions. The 3 candidates who receive the highest number of votes will be elected to a 2 year term, and the 3 with the next highest number of votes will get a 1 year term.

Voting is open to Steel Cities Region members in good standing, age 18 or older.


2017 Meeting Updates

2017 Meeting Information

Meeting starts at 7:00PM unless otherwise noted. You are welcome to arrive early at 6-6:30PM for dinner (at your own cost
), and to socialize

12/06/2017 Board Meeting and General Membership Meeting (All Welcome)                        Annual Membership Meeting                                                                                         Aracri’s Greentree Inn  1006 Greentree Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15220                                   (412) 921-4601










2018 Board of Directors


Nominating petitions may be circulated until the November meeting. Each petitioner must obtain the signatures of ten current members of Steel Cities Region to become a candidate. No member may endorse more than three candidates. Completed petitions should be submitted to the Secretary before the end of the November meeting, or may be mailed to:
Walt Matenkosky, Secretary
702 Spring St
Latrobe PA 15650-2022
Nominating petitions must be received no later than November 1, 2017.


Six members of the Board are to be elected each year. The three candidates with the highest number of votes receive a two-year term of office. The next three highest receive one-year terms. If no more candidates run for the Board than there are open positions, no election will be necessary, and a lottery will determine the length of term. If an election is to be held, ballots will be printed and mailed directly to the eligible members or made available on the Regional website http://www.STCscca.com, to be returned to the Election Chairman (who is not a nominee). The results will be announced at the December membership meeting. The new Board of Directors will adjourn and elect its officers for the coming year. The Regional Executive will be appointed by the newly elected Board of Directors, and will remain on the Board as a member for one more year. If elected BOD members do not fill all positions, the BOD may appoint members-at-large to these positions.

The Current Board of Directors members are:
Paula Hawthorne – Regional Executive (Carryover)
Bill Haus – Assistant Regional Executive (Carryover)
Walt Matenkosky – Secretary (Carryover)
Chris Granche – Assistant Secretary (Appointed) (Term Expires)
Mark Maehling – Treasurer (Carryover)
Dave Heinz – Assistant Treasurer (Term Expires)
Don Baker – Historian/Archivist (Term Expires)
Jeff Hutzelman – Membership Chairperson (Term Expires)
AJ Anselm – Competition Board Chairperson (Appointed) (Term Expires)
Dave Merritt – Track Trial/Hillclimb Chairperson (Appointed) (Term Expires)
Alex Artayet – Solo Co-chairperson (Appointed) (Term Expires)
Nick Phillips – Solo Co-chairperson (Appointed) (Term Expires)
Chuck Larouere – Rally Chairperson (Appointed) (Term Expires)
Les Walter – Merchandise Chairperson (Appointed) (Term Expires)
Kelsey Patterson – Activities Director (Appointed) (Term Expires)
Beth Anselm – Director (Term Expires)
Mike Connolly – Director (Term Expires)
Rick Terrill – Director (Term Expires)

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Corner Marshals Wanted !

Do you enjoying Racing?
Want to be close to the action?
Steel Cities SCCA is looking for some volunteer Corner Marshals!
What is a Corner Marshal? Next to the competitors, these marshals are the most visible people on the track. They are viewed by the spectator as an integral part of the race, keeping the track clear, giving instructions to the drivers, and responding to incidents. These are the people who have the front row seats, with no-one getting any closer to the action unless they get their own racing car. They are highly trained to handle crashes, fire, and track cleanup. They have other duties, too, including signaling the drivers with flags, and keeping their sections of the track organized so that racing can proceed efficiently. When handling crashes and fires, these volunteers have been called the “shock troops” of racing, because until the ambulances, fire trucks, and crash/rescue vehicles arrive, the safety and efficiency of the track is in their hands.
What do you need?
THE BASICS: Appropriate full coverage clothing incl Weather/Rain Gear(White colors are a must) Hat, Sunglasses, Sunscreen Comfortable Shoes (sturdy shoes or boots w/ ankle protection) Gloves (blaze or safety orange) Whistle (w/ break-away lanyard) Backpack or Track Bucket to carry supplies, munchies, liquids, trinkets, Beverage Cooler, Folding Chair, Cutting tool (Sharp Knife)
FULLY EQUIPPED: Hearing Protection / Safety Glasses, , Rope (minimum 20′ length) Scanner with Headphones