65th Cumberland Fire and Ice Major

Steel Cities would like to thank all of the Drivers, Crew, Family, Friends, and Workers, that attended the 65th Annual Cumberland Classic “Fire & Ice” Majors, held this past weekend at Pittsburgh International Race Complex. Despite the name, this year’s event was conducted with a minimum of fire and no ice. The weather was cool and dry both days, though the track was a bit damp as qualifying began on Sunday morning. As a result of this favorable weather and the newly-repaved North Track surface, new records were set in 20 classes on Saturday, 13 of which were broken on Sunday. Records were also set on Sunday in 3 additional classes. Steel Cities would like to congratulate the following class record holders:
GTL: 1:55.177 – Kyle Disque FP: 1:56.027 – Charlie Campbell
EP: 1:56.863 – Greg Kasprzyk. HP: 2:04.479 – Eric Vickerman
B-Spec: 2:08.588 –David Daughtery SM: 2:01.427- Michael Novak
GT1: 1:41.738 – Ryan McManus GT2: 1:45.433 – Andrew Aquilante
GT3: 1:53.068 – Paul Young T1: 1:49.206 – Chris Durbin
AS: 1:54.705 – Drew Cattell. FF: 1:49.743- Chris Horan
F5: 1:47.574 – Calvin Stewart FV: 1:59.435 – Rick Shields
SRF3: 1:52.970- Scott Rettich SRF: 1:57.494- Matthew Harper
FA: 1:36.178 – Keith Grant P2: 1:45.888 – Bill Niemeyer Jr
P1: 1:39.750 – Jim Hallman T2: 1:51.505 – Kurt Rezzetano
T3: 1:55.936 – Ali Salih T4: 1:59.884 – Ryan Kowalewski
STL: 1:57.443 – Bob Beede

Steel Haul / Laurel Run Road Rallies


The Steel Haul will be a 200 mile trip north to Armstrong and Butler counties. It can be run as either a course or tour rally, and will feature LRIs, NRIs, variable MRDs, and a unique main road rule determination. The course will be average difficulty and both Open Controls and DIYCs are used. The course is not fast; course following is the challenge. Scenery in the area is superb with many streams, valleys and beautiful vistas to enjoy. Dinner is hosted.

The Laurel Run, written to the 2017 RRRs, is a 100 mile trip on paved roads primarily in northern Westmoreland and eastern Armstrong Counties. Instructions are all in tulip format with mileages for each. Speeds will be quick. Passage controls are used for timing throughout the event.

REGISTRATION for both events will be Friday April 28, 2017, 6:00PM to 9:00PM. Arrangements for late registration must be made in advance by e-mail to the chairman at jhutz@cmu.edu.

SCHEDULE – Steel Haul (Saturday, April 29, 2017)

Route Instructions issued to Car #1 7:31 AM
Car #1 starts rally 8:01 AM
Car #1 arrives at lunch break (approx.) 12:30 PM
Car #1 finishes rally (approx.) 5:30 PM
Trophies awarded (or sooner) 6:30 PM

SCHEDULE – Laurel Run (Sunday, April 30, 2017)

Route Instructions issued to Car #1 7:31 AM
Car #1 starts rally  8:01 AM
Car #1 finishes rally (approx.)  12:01 PM
Trophies awarded (or sooner)  1:01 PM

HEADQUARTERS is the Days Inn Pittsburgh-Harmarville, 6 Landings Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15238. For reservations call 412-828-5400. Mention SCCA to get the event rate of $79.99 plus tax.

ENTRY FEES for the Steel Haul are $110 for SCCA members, $120 for non-members; for the Laurel Run the fee is $40. Entries must be received by April 7, 2017. Car numbers will be drawn and General Instructions mailed on that date.

SteelHaul+LaurelRun FlyerEntryForm-2017

2017 Meeting Updates

2017 Meeting Information

Meeting starts at 7:30PM unless otherwise noted. You are welcome to arrive early at 6-6:30PM for dinner (at your own cost
), and to socialize

06/07/2017 Board Meeting and General Membership Meeting (All Welcome)                Aracri’s Greentree Inn  1006 Greentree Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15220                                   (412) 921-4601










Safety Day

Pittsburgh International Race Complex in cooperation with Lake Erie Communications and Steel Cities Region SCCA, are hosting a comprehensive worker training day.

Come join us to shake the rust off and improve your skills Training sessions include : first response, flip response, fire suppression, track awareness as well as real time on track scenarios . All SCCA members, track employees, drivers, race officials are welcome and encouraged to attend.

This training day will be able to count toward your SCCA Volunteer worker participation days.

Safety Day Training outline


2017 AutoX Schedule

4/9 Event 1 (SUN)
4/28 Tire Rack Solo Nationals Match Tour – Heavy Metal Showdown – EVO Advantage (FRI)
4/29-4/30 Tire Rack Solo Nationals Match Tour – Heavy Metal Showdown
4/30 (Event 2 Points on SAT, Challenge Events SUN)
5/6 Evo School (Phase 1 SAT)
5/7 Evo School (Phase 2 SUN)
5/20 Event 3 (SAT)
6/18 Event 4 (SUN)
6/25 Event 5 (SUN)
7/8 PVGP AutoX School (SAT)
7/9 PVGP AutoX School (SUN)
7/23 Event 6 (SUN)
8/5 Event 7 (SAT)
8/20 Event 8 (SUN)
10/1 Event 9 (SUN)
10/15 Event 10 (SUN)

2017 Hill Climb Schedule

Events in Orange hosted by Steel Cities SCCA

May 27- 28 Jefferson Circuit – Summit Point, WV
June 10 – 11 Weatherly Hillclimb – Weatherly, PA
June 24 – 25 Pagoda Hillclimb – Reading, PA
July 8 – 9 Giants Despair Hillclimb – Laurel Run, PA
August 5 – 6 Polish Mountain Hillclimb – Flintstone, MD
August 19- 20 Duryea Hillclimb – Reading, PA
September 2 – 3 Shenandoah Circuit – Summit Point, WV
September 16 – 17 Weatherly Hillclimb – Weatherly, PA
To Be Determined Rose Valley Hillclimb
TBA Awards Banquet – Grantville Holiday Inn

Corner Marshals Wanted !

Do you enjoying Racing?
Want to be close to the action?
Steel Cities SCCA is looking for some volunteer Corner Marshals!
What is a Corner Marshal? Next to the competitors, these marshals are the most visible people on the track. They are viewed by the spectator as an integral part of the race, keeping the track clear, giving instructions to the drivers, and responding to incidents. These are the people who have the front row seats, with no-one getting any closer to the action unless they get their own racing car. They are highly trained to handle crashes, fire, and track cleanup. They have other duties, too, including signaling the drivers with flags, and keeping their sections of the track organized so that racing can proceed efficiently. When handling crashes and fires, these volunteers have been called the “shock troops” of racing, because until the ambulances, fire trucks, and crash/rescue vehicles arrive, the safety and efficiency of the track is in their hands.
What do you need?
THE BASICS: Appropriate full coverage clothing incl Weather/Rain Gear(White colors are a must) Hat, Sunglasses, Sunscreen Comfortable Shoes (sturdy shoes or boots w/ ankle protection) Gloves (blaze or safety orange) Whistle (w/ break-away lanyard) Backpack or Track Bucket to carry supplies, munchies, liquids, trinkets, Beverage Cooler, Folding Chair, Cutting tool (Sharp Knife)
FULLY EQUIPPED: Hearing Protection / Safety Glasses, , Rope (minimum 20′ length) Scanner with Headphones