Legends of Steel Cities

In recognition of contribution in motorsports to the Sports Car Club of America and to Steel Cities region. We honor these people by inducting them in to the Legends of Steel Cities

Class of 2001

Dr. M.R.J Wylie

Jack Chidester

Grady Davis

Donna Mae Mims

Ed Myers

Don Yenko

Class of 2002

Les Walter

Peg Gelder

Dick Scott

Bill Billings

Jim Boffo

Class of 2003

Michael Connolly

Alan Patterson

Leonard Anderson

Class of 2004

Robert Criss

Homer Dasey

Tony Phelps

Class of 2010

Kent Rafferty

Susan Delzell

Class of 2013

Barry Kaplin

Jim “Rocky” Farrar

Don Baker

Walt Matenkosky

Donna McDonough

George Shafer

Tom Lang

Bob McClure