2020 Meeting Updates

2020 Meeting Information

Meeting starts at 7:30PM unless otherwise noted. You are welcome to arrive early at 6-6:30PM for dinner (at your own cost
), and to socialize

Due to the Covid-19 Virus order from the State of PA this meeting has been cancelled

04/01/2020 Board Meeting and General Membership Meeting (All Welcome)                Aracri’s Greentree Inn  1006 Greentree Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15220                                   (412) 921-4601















Help Wanted: Race Chairperson for the 68th Cumberland Majors on 9 – 10 May 2020.

No experience required. We will train you.

Duties are listed in the GCR. Some of these duties have already been accomplished.

5.2.1 U.S. Majors Tour Event Chairman Responsibilities
The Race Chairman organizes the event in conjunction with the Conference Series Administrator in accordance
with the event agreement between SCCA and the organizing region.
5.2.2. Regional Event Race Chairman Responsibilities
The Race Chairman organizes an event. Specifically, he will:

A. With the promoters, organizers, and the Chief Steward determine the schedule (including all activities during the event) and draft the Supplemental Regulations. (In process) B. See that all Entry Forms are distributed. (Comp Board) C. Arrange for insurance conforming to SCCA requirements, and for…

Additional duties are to:

  • Arrange for the worker lunches on Saturday and Sunday
  • Arrange for the Saturday Party
  • Assist with the setup of the event on Friday 8 May
  • Arrange for additional radios as needed.
  • Work with the Race Director, Chief Steward, and Chairman of the Stewards as needed.

Help Steel Cities Region put on a great event.

Contact Gene Kern (gene.kern@verizon.net) to apply for the position.

Help Wanted: Do you Remember this Car?

HELP WANTED – Do you remember this car?

Looking for information /history.  Car was built by Bill Wissel in the 1960’s.  Jack Fulmer was also involved with the car.  Car was home/hand built and currently has a SBC.  The most distinguishing feature on the car is the inboard front and rear brakes.  This is not Bill’s DEX-1 which was a Devin bodied car – This car is based off of a Lister.  Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.  Jim  412-287-6620   jim@alleghenyrock.com


Workers wanted:

Steel Cities is looking worker to help in the following area’s


What do we do in Tech? – We look at cars. Lots of cars – everything from cars that have been racing for 50 years to showroom fresh vehicles. Cars that have 90 horsepower and cars that have 600 or more. We work with the drivers, the stewards, and other race officials to assure that the competitors have safe, compliant vehicles. To do so we look at cars before they race, while they race and after they race. Before a race we primarily look at safety issues and the car’s compliance with the General Competition Rules and Regulations (the GCR – our guidance in all we do). SCCA provides in the GCR general safety requirements for all vehicles. The GCR is both published as a book and available
on the SCCA website. http://www.scca.com. During a competition we may be checking the cars on course for leaks, loose parts or potentially dangerous conditions. After the race we congratulate the winners, commiserate with the non-winners, and look at cars for technical compliance. Then we socialize.


The purpose of the F&C organization is to provide safe, effective and timely course control during the event. This is done by:
• Observing everything within their area of responsibility – cars, drivers, spectators, safety equipment, barriers, etc – for any unusual or improper condition that may affect the safe conduct of the event.
• Signaling the drivers with flags, lights, hand signals or other means of any change in the condition of the course or the condition of their cars.
• Communicating all relevant information about of the condition of the course, the competing cars, and any situation requiring decisions or actions by race officials.
• Relaying received information and instructions to affected personnel, including emergency vehicle crews, drivers, or other participants.
• Undertaking limited, emergency first-response action required to protect lives and property in the event of an accident


Corner Marshals Wanted !

Do you enjoying Racing?
Want to be close to the action?
Steel Cities SCCA is looking for some volunteer Corner Marshals!
What is a Corner Marshal? Next to the competitors, these marshals are the most visible people on the track. They are viewed by the spectator as an integral part of the race, keeping the track clear, giving instructions to the drivers, and responding to incidents. These are the people who have the front row seats, with no-one getting any closer to the action unless they get their own racing car. They are highly trained to handle crashes, fire, and track cleanup. They have other duties, too, including signaling the drivers with flags, and keeping their sections of the track organized so that racing can proceed efficiently. When handling crashes and fires, these volunteers have been called the “shock troops” of racing, because until the ambulances, fire trucks, and crash/rescue vehicles arrive, the safety and efficiency of the track is in their hands.
What do you need?
THE BASICS: Appropriate full coverage clothing incl Weather/Rain Gear(White colors are a must) Hat, Sunglasses, Sunscreen Comfortable Shoes (sturdy shoes or boots w/ ankle protection) Gloves (blaze or safety orange) Whistle (w/ break-away lanyard) Backpack or Track Bucket to carry supplies, munchies, liquids, trinkets, Beverage Cooler, Folding Chair, Cutting tool (Sharp Knife)
FULLY EQUIPPED: Hearing Protection / Safety Glasses, , Rope (minimum 20′ length) Scanner with Headphones