Nomination Survey

Nominating petitions may be circulated until the November meeting. Each petitioner must obtain the signatures of ten current members of Steel Cities Region to become a candidate. No member may endorse more than three candidates. Completed petitions should be submitted to the Secretary before the end of the November meeting, or may be mailed to:

Walt Matenkosky, Secretary
702 Spring St
Latrobe PA 15650-2022

Nominating petitions must be received no later than November 6, 2020.

The Current Board of Directors members are:

AJ Anselm – Regional Executive (Carryover)
Joe Montuoro – Assistant Regional Executive/Asst. Solo Chair (Term Expires)
Walt Matenkosky – Secretary (Term Expires)
Chris Granche – Assistant Secretary (Appointed) (Term Expires)
Gene Kern– Treasurer/ Competition Board Chair (Term Expires)
Beth Anselm – Assistant Treasurer (Carryover)
Rick Terrill – Track Trial/Hill Climb Chairperson (Appointed) (Term Expires)
Chuck Larouere – Rally Chairperson (Appointed) (Term Expires)
Jeff Hutzelman – Membership Chairperson (Appointed) (Term Expires)
Kelsey Patterson – Activities Director (Appointed) (Term Expires)
Coyote Black – Merchandise Chairperson (Appointed) (Term Expires)
Don Baker – Historian/Archivist (Term Expires)
Mike Connolly – Director at Large (Term Expires)
Jim Locke – Director at Large (Carryover)
Paula Hawthorne – Director at Large (Carryover)


Six members of the Board are to be elected each year. The three candidates with the highest number of votes receive a two-year term of office. The next three highest receive one-year terms. If no more candidates run for the Board than there are open positions, no election will be necessary, and a lottery will determine the length of term. If an election is to be held, ballots will be printed and mailed directly to the eligible members or made available on the Regional website, to be returned to the Election Chairman (who is not a nominee). The results will be announced at the December membership meeting. The new Board of Directors will adjourn and elect its officers for the coming year. The Regional Executive will be appointed by the newly elected Board of Directors, and will remain on the Board as a member for one more year. If elected BOD members do not fill all positions, the BOD may appoint members-at-large to these positions.


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