65th Cumberland Fire and Ice Major

Steel Cities would like to thank all of the Drivers, Crew, Family, Friends, and Workers, that attended the 65th Annual Cumberland Classic “Fire & Ice” Majors, held this past weekend at Pittsburgh International Race Complex. Despite the name, this year’s event was conducted with a minimum of fire and no ice. The weather was cool and dry both days, though the track was a bit damp as qualifying began on Sunday morning. As a result of this favorable weather and the newly-repaved North Track surface, new records were set in 20 classes on Saturday, 13 of which were broken on Sunday. Records were also set on Sunday in 3 additional classes. Steel Cities would like to congratulate the following class record holders:
GTL: 1:55.177 – Kyle Disque FP: 1:56.027 – Charlie Campbell
EP: 1:56.863 – Greg Kasprzyk. HP: 2:04.479 – Eric Vickerman
B-Spec: 2:08.588 –David Daughtery SM: 2:01.427- Michael Novak
GT1: 1:41.738 – Ryan McManus GT2: 1:45.433 – Andrew Aquilante
GT3: 1:53.068 – Paul Young T1: 1:49.206 – Chris Durbin
AS: 1:54.705 – Drew Cattell. FF: 1:49.743- Chris Horan
F5: 1:47.574 – Calvin Stewart FV: 1:59.435 – Rick Shields
SRF3: 1:52.970- Scott Rettich SRF: 1:57.494- Matthew Harper
FA: 1:36.178 – Keith Grant P2: 1:45.888 – Bill Niemeyer Jr
P1: 1:39.750 – Jim Hallman T2: 1:51.505 – Kurt Rezzetano
T3: 1:55.936 – Ali Salih T4: 1:59.884 – Ryan Kowalewski
STL: 1:57.443 – Bob Beede